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Sculpted Ice Works

The Sculpted Ice Works Factory Tour and Ice Harvest Museum is located in Lakeville, PA off route 590. This two-part attraction includes the factory tour, where you can see how an ics sculpture is created.  From the process to freeze water into crystal clear blocks of...

BWP Bat Factory Tours

>  >  >  Clarion
How cool is this? BWP makes baseball bats. The same bats used by Shane Victorino and Manny Ramirez. Not only that, but  they follow the process from the harvesting of the trees to the finished product BWP produces about 2000 bats a week. Some of their best craftsmen...

Crayola Factory Tour

>  >  >  Easton
Talk about one of those places where a kid can be a kid! The Crayola factory has more than a dozen exhibits that are hands-on! Kids don’t just look at the colors and crayons, they create and participate.  Exhibits include Crayon Manufacturing, Inside Out (a...
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