Average Cost for a Family of Four

So, what’s this “price index” about?

We wanted to place a good index on the site to give an idea of the admission costs for the various attractions around Pennsylvania.  So, since a good majority of our visitors are families, we decided to go with a “Family of Four”, 2 parents, one teen and one under 12.

This index is just the admission cost.  It does not include:

  • Meals (not every places serves food)
  • Souvenirs and Goodies
  • Transportation or Travel Costs
  • Extra Costs, within the attraction, like Planetariums, Zip Lines, Special Deals
When we can, we will note extra costs in the description.
Also, pay attention to the “Last Updated” line in the details list – since this pricing should only be used as a guide (We cannot be responsible for price changes or differences in our reporting vs. the actual prices and extra fees/costs).


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