BWP Bat Factory Tours

BWP Bat Factory Tours

How cool is this? BWP makes baseball bats. The same bats used by Shane Victorino and Manny Ramirez. Not only that, but  they follow the process from the harvesting of the trees to the finished product

BWP produces about 2000 bats a week. Some of their best craftsmen are actually former baseball players. If they don’t know bats, who does?

BWP Bats start from select trees from Western Pennsylvania that are aged to maturity.  They harvest the trees and select which ones are suitable for bats, which is less than 20% .  Wood that will not make a bat go into some other products they make. BWP has a guided tour through their factory. It also has an outlet shop that offers personalized gifts.

Why not use the bat favored by some of the pro’s?

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