Daffin’s Chocolate Kingdom

Daffin’s Chocolate Kingdom

The Chocolate Kingdom is a realm that is inhabited by a 400-pound chocolate turtle, a 125-pound chocolate reindeer and 75-pound chocolate frog. Chocolate castles, a train, a village, and a Ferris Wheel which brings this whimsical land to life.

The Daffin’s have been making chocolate for over 100 years, down through three generations.The original store was in Ohio in the early 1900’s and after the death of Alec Daffin in 1936, his son moved the store to Sharon in 1947 after serving in WWII.

Today there are three Pennsylvania stores, two in Ohio and a factory. Everything is still run by the Daffin family. They’re also the candy provider to all the Hallmark stores.

If you would like to visit the factory for a tour call 877-323-3465 and schedule a visit. Check the website for special events, like swizzle stick day. Every visit includes a sample, who could resist that?




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