The David Bradford House Museum

The David Bradford House Museum

Congress established the excise tax in 1791 to help reduce the $54 million national debt. It became known as the “Whiskey Rebellion”. In 1794 thousands of farmers in western Pennsylvania took up arms in opposition to a federal law calling for an excise tax on distilled spirits.

The David Bradford House was built in 1788 and was home to the Whiskey Rebellion, the first domestic challenge to the new American government.

The David Bradford House is full of 18th Century History, Architecture, and Antiques. The kitchen, which was built outside in an attempt to prevent an uncontrolled fire, will allow you to see foods are being prepared and then make a stop at the Sign of the Seven Stars Tavern where the Rebellion began.

Join them for their Candlelight tours,their Haunted walks, or maybe their Whiskey Rebellion Dinner.

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