Double Diamond Deer Ranch

Double Diamond Deer Ranch

For 20 years the Double Diamond Ranch have been raising all Pennsylvania whitetail deer. There are different color variations like, white-whitetail, piebald, albino and brown deer. They get deer from private deer raisers, or they are born on their farm. They live on the ranch until they die of old age.

After a lifetime at the ranch, a deer is then mounted and a stall is built. It then begins a new life in “The Barn”, a museum the ranch opened five years ago that exhibits many of it’s animals.

Along with the Ranch and The Barn, there’s also the Glow-In-The-dark-Mini-Golf. The Double Diamond wanted to offer indoor family fun year round with this addition but there is an additional charge.

If you go before Memorial Day you’ll also be able to enjoy the outdoor flea market.┬áThen at the end of your visit, stop by the gift shop and see the rows and rows of deer antlers that were shed as the deer grew.

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