Drake Well Museum

Drake Well Museum

Did you know that you use oil or gas everyday? Even if you don’t drive or have oil heat, there thousands of things we use each day that are petroleum based.  We invite you to enjoy a visit to the Drake Well Museum, where in August of 1859 Edwin L. Drake drilled the oil well that launched the modern petroleum industry.

For the past 80 years this site has been preserved. Though the original engine house didn’t survive,the heart of the museum is a board-for-board replica.  The site features operating machinery that shows how the oil was pumped, stored and transported and over 520 artifacts are exhibited. While you’re there see how the barrels are made by the cooper and check out the blacksmith.

When you’re done at the museum take the time to enjoy the rest of the 240 acres. Bring a picnic, take a hike, fish or ride a bike. Even take a ride on the Titusville Railroad.

Come early and make a day of it!

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