Elk Country Visitor Center

Elk Country Visitor Center

Here is something that you don’t get to do everyday and seeing elk firsthand is undoubtedly the highlight of any visit to Pennsylvania Elk Country.
Here are a few pointers that might make it easier spotting elk.

During mating season, bull elk can often be seen at the forest edge preparing to battle other males for the right to mate. This happens in the Fall.
In colder months, elk typically seek warmth and shelter among the trees. The evergreen forests provide good cover, and trees provide cold-weather food for these animals.

As the weather gets warmer and food becomes more plentiful, elk move to the meadows to feed on the grasses. The center plants alfalfa, timothy, clover, and winter wheat to name a few.

The best times to view are early in the morning, just after day light and in the hours before dark. Just remember, like us, wildlife does not like the heat. They will bed down in the shade where it is coolest during the day.

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