Idlewild & Soakzone

Idlewild & Soakzone

Idlewild park began as a recreation and picnic area as early as 1878. Since 1931, the park has been steadily expanding to include seven different themes, including Old Idlewild, SoakZone, Raccoon Lagoon, and more.

In 1956, The Storybook Forest was added to Idlewild, a unique theme based upon fairy tales and nursery rhyme characters. Then came the Jumpin’ Jungle, an extensive play area where kids can pretend to be Tarzan on Tarzan’s Swing or climb to the top of the Net Climb. Kids can meet Henrietta Pussycat and X the Owl In Mister Roger’s neighborhood, based on the popular children’s television show.

The H20hhh Zone was created in the 1980’s, featuring water slides and rides. After doubling in size, and incorporating more modern water rides, it warranted the more appropriate name – SoakZone!

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