Jean Bonnet Tavern

Jean Bonnet Tavern

The Jean Bonnet has a history that dates backs to the early 1700’s. Originally a rooming house it later started serving food along with it’s distinct brews and was one of the first Public Houses to open in the U.S.
It has long been known to the locals who reside in close proximity to the Jean Bonnet that there is much more to the allure of the tavern than its historical past, charming atmosphere, and excellent food and drink.

So many, the stories of hauntings and ghostly visitors draw them to the tavern in hopes of having an encounter themselves. Sightings and encounters have been experienced by both employees and guests.

“Return to the Haunted Jean Bonnet Tavern” published in the The Pennsylvania Ghost Guide Vol. II, written by Patti Wilson. It has also been listed in the National Registry of Historic Places.

So if you have an interest in the paranormal or if you’re just interested in “things that go bump in the night”, have a meal, get a room and see if any spectres keep you awake at night.






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