Jimmy Stewart Museum

Jimmy Stewart Museum

Jimmy Stewart was actually 4th generation Pennsylvanian. He was born on Pennsylvania St in Indiana Pa. He was a boy scout, went to Princeton and studied architecture. He also played the accordian and served in the service.¬† Most¬† people don’t know that Jimmy also wrote poetry, some of which was published.

You’ll see modern art of his work and old awards that actually started back when he was in the Boy Scouts.

Stewart made a total of 81 Featured Films during his career. As you browse through the museum you’ll see original movie posters and photos that start from the 1930s.

The Universal City Studios of Hollywood donated the state-of-the-art sound and projection system to the Indiana Free Library in memory of Jimmy Stewart. There’s scheduled viewings of his movies on the weekends when the museum is open.

This is great for the film buff or just someone who’s just nostalgic.

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