Kennett Underground Railroad Center

Kennett Underground Railroad Center

Kennett Square has the highest concentration of Underground Railroad Stations in the U.S.

Otherwise known as the “trackless trail”, the underground railroad was used by slaves on their quest for freedom to travel from the south safely to the north. Americans whose courage led them to risk much, just to live a decent life.

The Kennett Underground Railroad Center takes visitors  back in history to a time when slavery existed in our nation. Follow that trail, meet the people, hear the legends and learn the facts. Understand why the underground railroad is one of the greatest and most revered events in our country’s history.

If there’s one tour you take before school starts, this one is it.  This is a great experience for kids and adults alike.

Tours will depart from the Chester County Visitors Center at Longwood Gardens’ entrance, reservation required. Donation suggested.

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