Lehigh County Log Cabin Trail

Lehigh County Log Cabin Trail

Stretched across Lehigh County are a number of log cabins – still maintained by various organizations and private individuals.

The Lehigh County Log Cabin Trail was created to help visitors tour the remaining structures in Lehigh County.

The website provides more information, driving brochures and recommendations on how to use the cabins on the tour as an educational resource.

The trail is broken down into a Northern, Central and Southern route, in case you plan to break up the trip or shorten the experience. Of course you can always hit the entire trail.

Seeing this portion of our architectural history is one that should not be missed.

Ed Note: We named Coopersburg, PA as the city for this attraction, since the first listing on the “Entire Trail” is located in Coopersburg, PA. You can, of course, start your tour at any location and eventually end up back at your personal starting point.

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