Roadside America Indoor Miniature Village

Roadside America Indoor Miniature Village

This is an amazing piece of Americana! Built by hand starting at the turn of the century by Laurence Gieringer. Taking him 60 years to complete, the village is more than 8,000 square feet set at three different levels for optimum viewing.

Not only are there buildings and roads but trees, mountains, people and even plumbing!

The details are phenomenal! There are actual details inside the buildings, churches have pews and bibles, diners have booth, stools and plates on the counter. All of the trees are even hand made.

If you look well enough you’ll find a little girl holding her kitty with one hand and an ice cream cone with the other.

There are buttons that get kids to interact with the displays. They make lights blink and things move. Every half-hour there’s a light and sound show.

Laurence died in 1961 and the village remains untouched. It stays as he saw it last, with what he saw as the “modern” vehicles of the times.

For GPS directions use Bernville Pa.

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