Shankweilers Drive-In Theatre

Shankweilers Drive-In Theatre

Wilson Shankweiler opens Pennsylvania’s 1st Drive-in,¬†and over the years the theatre has continued to grow and progress.

In 1948 the first speaker poles and Car Speakers are installed at Shankweiler’s Drive-in but in 1955 a hurricane had leveled the screen and projection booth.

During the renovations theyadded a new Cinema Scope screen, snack bar and Restroom building. But the progress doesn’t stop there.

In 1982 Shankweiler’s started broadcasting through the cars AM radio with the traditional speakers being optional.

In 1986 Shankweilers is the first theatre in the country to do away with traditional speakers and broadcast through the cars FM speakers.

By 2013 they’re now completely digital!

All shows are double features,one ticket! Load up the car and come on out!

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