Simeone Automotive Museum

Simeone Automotive Museum

From LeMans to Nascar, this museum has followed the history racing and how the sports car has evolved.

Compiled over 50 years by Dr.Frederick Simeone, whose love of cars and racing in general, has lead to the current collection of 60 of the rarest racing sports cars in the world.

The Simeone Automotive Museum places each car into a display dipicting a scene in which they raced. They rotate the exhibits on a regular basis and take their cars out onto their 3 acre lot for Demonstration Days.

The museum has attracted personalities like Jay Leno, who have come out to drive their cars. They were also awarded museum of the year by the International Motoring Award of London.

This is the place to go whether you’re a car afficionado or a racing buff!

Make sure you check out their events calendar! You never know who you might run into.


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