The Stoogeum

The Stoogeum

Are you a fan of the Three Stooges??  The Stoogeum is the world’s first and only museum of Three Stooges memorabilia. Containing close to 100,000 pieces of memorabilia, offers fans a chance to view a vast array of artifacts which celebrate the legacy of this legendary comedy team.

This 3 story, 10,000 square-foot building houses artifacts as early as 1918, several interactive displays, a research library and even an 85 seat theatre used for film screenings and special presentations.

The Stoogeum is also used as the headquarters for The Three Stooges Fan club with 2000 members worldwide. An annual meeting of the fan club brings together Stooges relatives,supporting actors, impersonators and fans with the Stoogeum at the hub of the event.

Once a month they have open house, check their website for dates.

Even if your not a fan of slapstick you can appreciate the history.

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