Swigart Antique Car Museum

Swigart Antique Car Museum

In 1895 Emmett Swigart began collecting  automobiles while selling insurance. By 1935 his collection got so big he had to look for a larger building to house his cars and decided to move his insurance practice along with it.

He bought a large home and refurbished it with salvaged parts from old Phhiladelphia homes, making display areas for his now growing collection of license plates.

By the time of his death he had preserved 12 cars,nurmerous hood ornaments, name plates, license plates.

The only interested party was William, of his children, the renamed the collection the Swigart Motor Museum and in 1957 moved it to it’s present location.

William continue to grow the collection until his death in 2000.  At this time the museum is now a non-profit and contains more  than 140 cars.

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