The Gazela

The Gazela

The Gazelas  records date back to 1901, it’s possible that she’s from 1883.   The Gazela is listed as a Barkentine. She has three masts and is operated by the Philadelphia Ship Preservation Guild. She is one of the many “tall ships”

She was originally built in Portugal as a fishing boat to be used in New Foundland. Currently, she is the good-will ambassador for the port of Philadelphia, where she serves as a reminder of the city’s heritage as a great international port.

The Preservation Guild offers sailing classes and sailing opportunities aboard the Gazela. Check their website for a calendar of events and classes. If you’re not sure about the commitment they’ll be glad to take you on as a volunteer.

It’s a great chance for kids and adults alike to see first hand the history of a hand-made vessel. It might even bring out a little pirate in ya!

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