Toy Museum

Toy Museum

 The Toy Robot Museum is located in Adamstown, Pennsylvania and is owned and operated by Joe Knedlhans.  Joe’s passion started in 1986 when his wife gave him a robot as a gift,after that he was hooked. At that time Joe was working with as a SWAT member for the NYPD. This museum is a far cry from the NYPD.

Robot toys are largely modern inventions. They are usually constructed of metal or plastic and made between 1950 and the present. However, at the robot museum. Joe has an early wooden robot from the Jolin Company of Appleton, Wisconsin. This robot is rare and is shown here along with robot books and robot art.

Joe still has that first robot. It’s in his museum, but it’s nearly lost among thousands of other robots he’s accumulated since.

Visitors are allowed to play with some of the robots, which is great for the kids. When you’re through there’s a small souvenir shop to pick up a remeberance of your visit.

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