The Underground Railroad Museum at Belmont Mansion

The Underground Railroad Museum at Belmont Mansion

Belmont Mansion was the home of Richard Peters. Peters was the son of an English lawyer who acted as a land agent for the Penn family. Buying the property in 1742, the senior Peters designed and built the mansions and the surrounding gardens.

After Richard recieved the Mansion from his father he went on to serve the Pennsylvania commonwealth and to become the Judge that passed the Pennsylvania Anti-Slavary bill.He worked with many of the founding fathers at the estate.

After his death, the property became part of Fairmount Park in 1869 as part of a program to preserve the quality of water. The site continued to be used for public entertaining until it became an historic house museum under the management of the American Women’s Heritage Society in 1986.

Recently, after extensive renovations, Belmont Mansion reopened in the summer of 2007 as The Underground Railroad Museum at Belmont Mansion.

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