Zippo Lighter and Case Museum

Zippo Lighter and Case Museum

Did you know that Zippo is not only known for making quality lighters but also for making pocket knives? Zippo started in 1933 right here in Pennsylvania and continues do be manufactured right here today.

The museum is 15,000 square foot and takes you through Zippos history from their contributions in WWII to their place in Rock-n-Roll to each time Zippo was in a Hollywood film.

Fourteen custom-made Zippo street lighters line the drive leading up to the building. Over the entrance towers a 40-foot Zippo lighter with pulsating neon flame, and an enormous Case Canoe three bladed pocketknife. Enjoy a self-guided tour to learn the rich history of two American icons.

I would make sure I had a camera, this sounds like a great place to take photos.


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